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Work Habits

The fourth and final pillar is our work habits. I love this quote: First we form habits, then they form us. Conquer your bad habits or they will conquer you. – Dr. Rob Gilbert When you look back how did your habits form you last year? Take a second to score yourself using the scale

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Get help for aches and pains

Put Your Hand Up – Get Help! …doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. -Ben Franklin We are all pretty familiar with the signs and symptoms of injuries that come from something unexpected like a slip or a fall. We may not be so aware of warnings of a

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Be Pro-active with Your Pain

We love Ben Franklin’s definition of insanity, “… doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Many of us ignore the gradual aches and pain, expecting them to magically disappear. You need to change what you are doing if you want to improve that ache, pain, tingling, numbness or reduced

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Core Strength Matters

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a great example of what happens when something is built on an unstable base. Slowly but surely, the structure wobbles and tilts and has problems keeping itself upright. Is your core a firm foundation or do you find yourself tilted, twisted or shaped like a giant C by 3PM?

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Earliest Intervention

In business, we do performance reviews, business reviews, and project reviews. They help us identify strengths and weaknesses and help us understand where we need to go in order to get better. One of the key features that make up the foundation of a healthy and ergonomic workplace is managing discomfort EARLY – before symptoms

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Good Posture – Rate Youself

Good posture is a good habit that contributes to the well-being of the individual… Conversely, bad posture is a bad habit. The ideal alignment of the body may not be attainable in every respect, but it is the standard toward which efforts to attain it are directed. – Kendall, McCreary and Provance, 1993. The greatest

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Taking charge of your health – what can you do at work?

It is important to understand how to properly manage your workday to minimize the risks of discomfort and injury. Personal habits can go a long way to success or failure when dealing with workplace discomfort. Put Your Hand Up & Get Help: Don’t Take it Sitting Down: Microbreak Software: Take a Break:

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Primary Risk Factors

Research has identified specific risk factors that correspond to an increased likelihood of developing pain or injuries at work. The three most common risk factors should be minimized whenever possible: Risk Factor 1: Force and Working Distance Risk Factor 2: Awkward Postures Risk Factor 3: Static Postures The Worst Case. All of the above. As

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Use it Right

Regardless of the workstation layout, we must treat our body well. Every day, each of us makes many decisions as to how we get the job done. You wouldn’t overload your car like the owner in this picture just to speed up your home renovation – so why would you do this to your back

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Early Intervention

Why is it that when a warning light comes on in our car or truck, we immediately pick up the phone and call our mechanic? Are you maintaining your car better than you are maintaining your body? Musculoskeletal symptoms are our body’s warning lights. Discomfort, pain, numbness, tingling, a reduction in the ability to move,

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