Your Ergonomic Wallet

george-costanza-wallet_mediumThere is a classic Seinfeld episode where George gets picked on for carrying his ‘Costanza’ wallet. He carried so many receipts around in his thick, massive wallet, that at one point his back leaned to one side when he sat down. He even resorted to stacking napkins beneath his other pocket to level himself. Suprisingly (not!), he ended up with a sore back… What do you do with your wallet when you drive?

The good news is that most of us don’t sit on our wallet when we drive. But it’s often the small details that we forget when we are in a rush. Most of us take the time to get comfortable in our chair before the workday starts. Do you take the same time before you get out of your driveway?

Taking the time to put your back in ‘neutral’ while driving is essential. Neutral posture happens when your hips are at the back of your seat, and your low back is supported comfortably. The combination of long commutes and road trips, coupled with poor low back posture and vibration from your vehicle is as good as a GoogleMaps itinerary to the land of the Soreback Blues. The bottom line is that before you start any commute – start with your back in mind.