Working Smart 4: To Much Repetition

repetition-300x200_mediumIf your job in this year reminded you of a hamster on a wheel, your body probably feels like it has been worked over like a punching bag.

Remember that even if you don’t have control over changing the work that you do, you do control your body.

Learning to use good work habits at work is as essential a skill as any of the technical training that you learned for your job. You may be an expert at managing the controls of your tools or equipment at work but how much do you know about how to take care of your own musculoskeletal system?

Warming up, taking frequent microbreaks and rest breaks, and working with a neutral spine are a few of the basics that help to keep your musculoskeletal system from overloading and developing discomfort. The good thing is that while you can’t control a lot of your work you do control your posture and when you give your muscles a break.

As you look back – how would you rate yourself on managing the stress on your body on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 – failure; 10 – A++)?

Consider what you plan to do to in the future to turn work into something that strengthens…not hurts.