What Will Hurt You – Evaluation You Desk Posture

onshoulder-300x200_mediumHave you ever held a mirror up to yourself while you are deep in thought at your computer?

  • Do you look like a vulture hunched over your equipment?
  • Are you …
  • Bent?
  • Contorted?
  • Holding the phone between your ear and your shoulder?
  • Reaching way forward to your mouse?
  • Is your mouse winning the race as you chase it across your desk?

Be Aware of Awkward Postures.

  • Avoid slouching: move close and recline your chair’s backrest 10-15 degrees;
  • Zoom your screen content to 125-150% to help keep your head back over your shoulders;
  • Get reference paper on a document holder under your screen.
  • Use a head set or speaker phone to multitask with the phone.

Static Muscle Use:

  • Avoid reaching:
  • Move closer to your workstation and keep your elbows close to your trunk;
  • Keep your forearm resting on an arm rest or desk surface when using the mouse to reduce stress on your neck and upper back.