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Phone Use and Taking Care of Your Neck

Have you noticed that as the office evolves, our desks fill up with more and more tools aimed at helping us work faster and faster? Too bad we only have two hands… Cradling the phone handset between the ear and shoulder while writing or typing on your computer is a quick way to cause strain

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Monitor Positioning and Your Eyes

Q: What exactly is the ideal monitor height? A: Monitors should be set so that the top of the screen is roughly at eye level when you are sitting up straight. Why? – Relaxed posture for the human eye is 15˚ below the horizon. We all slouch occasionally, so before you know it your relaxed

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Keyboard and workspace set up tips

The golden rule for any workstation is to ‘Fit your workstation to you’. First get yourself comfortable in your chair, (hips and back supported, elbows at 90 degrees at your side), and then bring the work to you. Laptops If you are working off of a laptop at home, the number one item on your

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Right Wrists!

Wrist Revelations If you have a keyboard tray and you know how to type without looking at the keyboard, see if your keyboard tray can tilt forward. Tilting your tray forward 5-10 degrees will help to put your wrist in ‘neutral’ (from a side profile). If you ‘anchor’ your wrist to your desk while typing,

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What Will Hurt You – Evaluation You Desk Posture

Have you ever held a mirror up to yourself while you are deep in thought at your computer? Be Aware of Awkward Postures. Static Muscle Use:

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Office Safari – Shoulder Care

Office Shoulderamus Reachalotus Known Habits This species is quite entertaining to watch. They spend much of their day seated, chasing a smooth, contoured device around their desk. Frequently, their shoulder reaches as far to the side and to the front as possible, requiring a lean to the opposite side to maintain balance. Prey When not

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Office Desk Set Up

Do your shoulders ache at the end of the day? Are headaches just a ‘part of the job’? Do you notice that symptoms miraculously disappear when you’re on vacation? Sometimes your workstation set-up may be part of the problem. Take a closer look to see if your office tools are positioned for success or failure.

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The Phone Doesn’t Have to be Your Enemy

Have you noticed that as the office evolves, our desks fill up with more and more tools aimed at helping us work faster and faster? Too bad we only have two hands…Cradling the phone between your ear and shoulder while writing or keying is an quick way to cause strain on your neck.If you frequently

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Organizing Your Desk for Ergonomics… and Efficiency

Your desk layout, work tasks and work flow all impact the postures that you use during the day. Rather than adapting your body to a poorly set-up workstation, set up your work to fit your body and work habits. Take a few moments to look at how your desk is organized: Are your keyboard and

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Right Tools for the Job

Make sure that you have the right tools to do your job safely, and make sure your tools are adjusted correctly. Without the right tools (chair, desk, input devices), it can be very difficult to put yourself in a position to work without adding unnecessary stress to the body. Based on what you know, take

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