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2 Levels = Big No-No!

The keyboard and mouse belong together on the same level. Some furniture designers make this difficult to accomplish. The picture on the right is a classic example of a relatively modern computer workstation with the mouse on the desk and the keyboard at a lower level. If you put your hand on this person’s right

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Mouse Types and Purposes

While standard mice fit most people’s hands and meet the demands of day to day computing, there are some circumstances where alternative input devices can be beneficial. One of the most important things to realize is that newer input devices are designed to address specific user needs. A few of the common types of alternative

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Hand and Wrist Health – Keyboards and Mouse

Human hands are unique and one of our greatest assets. Can you imagine not being able to work with your hands? Unchecked, signs and symptoms of wrist discomfort can progress to severe pain that impacts every part of your life. Common signs and symptoms in the hand include discomfort, stiffness, numbness, tingling, redness, and weakness.

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Keyboard and workspace set up tips

The golden rule for any workstation is to ‘Fit your workstation to you’. First get yourself comfortable in your chair, (hips and back supported, elbows at 90 degrees at your side), and then bring the work to you. Laptops If you are working off of a laptop at home, the number one item on your

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Right Wrists!

Wrist Revelations If you have a keyboard tray and you know how to type without looking at the keyboard, see if your keyboard tray can tilt forward. Tilting your tray forward 5-10 degrees will help to put your wrist in ‘neutral’ (from a side profile). If you ‘anchor’ your wrist to your desk while typing,

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Mouse Use – What to avoid

When you watch someone play a sport, everyone uses a different technique. It’s no different using a mouse. Do you squeeze the life out of your mouse, or do you find yourself chasing the mouse to the back of the desk? Many of us have little quirks that we have picked up over our years

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The Mouse Trap Of Ergonomics

It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago, computers weren’t used much at work and the mouse had only recently been invented (1984). Today, using the mouse is a fundamental part of the workday. Unfortunately, intensive use of these or other secondary input devices can be a source of discomfort or pain. Hopefully, our advice

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Mouse Use – Rid Yourself of Pests

Look for these small critters hiding out near your mouse. Just start using your mouse and watch them come out of the woodwork, threatening your mouse and your hand’s health. We’ll give you tips on how to eradicate these pests. 1.Handus Hoveramus Known for having fingers suspended over the buttons only pouncing to click and

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Wrist Care

Our wrist and hand muscles work best when they are in ‘neutral’ position. Our office jobs have become so specialized and repetitious that even seemingly minor movement habits and awkward postures can add up over time and lead to discomfort or injury. Here are some of the most common issues that we see: When the

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