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Ergonomics and your Car

First, offices with walls became extinct. Then the office cubicles started to get smaller…and smaller. And then they finally kicked you out of the office and suggested that you ‘telecommute’. Well – look on the bright side – you finally have a corner office with a window! As you are admiring the view – check

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Your Ergonomic Wallet

There is a classic Seinfeld episode where George gets picked on for carrying his ‘Costanza’ wallet. He carried so many receipts around in his thick, massive wallet, that at one point his back leaned to one side when he sat down. He even resorted to stacking napkins beneath his other pocket to level himself. Suprisingly

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Travelling With Ergonomics

Whether you are commuting or on the road for the majority of the day, do you ever just stop and think – what the heck is in all of these bags? Shouldn’t we be carrying a lot less considering the miniaturization of all of our devices? Isn’t this supposed to be a wireless, paperless business

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Driving and Distractions

Ergonomics is based on the science of fitting our life to our physical and mental capabilities and limitations. When it comes to physical abilities, our muscles tend to provide us with an inside voice that tells us whether we are close to our limits (whether we listen to them or not is another issue altogether).

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