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Working Smart 4: To Much Repetition

If your job in this year reminded you of a hamster on a wheel, your body probably feels like it has been worked over like a punching bag. Remember that even if you don’t have control over changing the work that you do, you do control your body. Learning to use good work habits at

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Working Smart 3: Too High or Too Low

One of the most common MSI hazards is the combination of heavy work at high or low levels. If you find that your shoulder or knees creak or groan when reaching high or low, what are you going to do about it? Take a second and third look at your work and ask yourself some

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Working Smart 2: Not Enough Hands

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you are trying to balance getting the job done quickly vs. getting the job done safely? Maybe it’s carrying a bulky item from one location to another only to forget about the door that you have to open or a flight of stairs you need to

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Working Smart 1: Too Heavy or Extreme Force

Is your workgroup stuck in the stone ages or has your workgroup made the evolutionary leap to the ‘tool age’? If there are tasks that you do which belong in a Strongman competition, maybe this year is the year to work smarter. Any time you find yourself struggling with something too heavy or too hard,

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Safe Lifting – Easy as 1-2-3

Lifting is a part of many jobs. So much so that we sometimes don’t question what we are lifting or how we are ‘getting the job done’. Unfortunately, many injuries occur when we fail to be mindful of the work at hand. It’s important to recognize that safe lifting has as much to do about

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