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Strong Knee 3: Proper Knee Alignment

Knee injuries and pain happen when one of the knee structures gets overloaded or if the knee is forced to work when not in good alignment. Imagine trying to stack building blocks on top of one another when one or more of them are on an angle. If you put a lot of force on

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Strong Knees 2: How the Knee Gets Injured

If you look at the injuries at your worksite, you will probably find that knee injuries are one of the top 3 body areas injured each year. When you dig a little deeper, you may find that many of the reports of injury come from similar causes. Knee strains frequently occur when we lose control

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Strong Knees 1: Basic Structure

Guess which joint is the largest in the human body? Guess which bone is the longest bone in the body? One of the reasons our knee joint needs to be so big is that it bears very high forces from the longest bone (and lever) in the human body (the upper leg bone). Since we

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Strong Knee 4: Knee Care at Work

Knees are often one of the last things we think about when we are setting up a job. Commonly, we stress our knees when we rush or push to get the job done. Jumping down from equipment, kneeling when working at floor level, working in a crouched position for long periods time – all of

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