Tag: Hand and Wrist Ergonomics

Hand and Wrist – The right grip

What can I do around my workplace? Since repeated awkward wrist postures can lead to injury, many designers have modified tools to help keep the wrist in neutral. Remember, it’s always better to bend the tool than to work with your wrist in an awkward posture. The solutions: The first step is recognizing that your

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Hand and Wrist – Hold on Tight (but not too tight)

What factors increase the risk of hand strain or injury? Muscles work best when the joints that they cross are in ‘neutral’ position. Neutral wrist posture is a straight line from your forearm to your hand. Why is this important? Working with the wrist bent increases stress on the tendons as they go through the

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Hand and Wrist – Tool Use

Human hands are unique and one of our greatest assets. Can you imagine trying to work without them? Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms? Numbness, tingling, redness, stiffness or reduced movement, pain, or reduced strength. These can be the first steps down the road to serious injury or disability. The combination of

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