Tag: Breaks and Stretches

Hip Mobility

When you think of your back, think of it as if you were building a house.
Your hips and pelvis are the foundation, your spine is the frame, and your muscles and ligaments are the internal and external supports (drywall, plywood). Without all of these pieces, the house may not hold up under harsh conditions.

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Static Posture – Can Staying Still Hurt Me?

If 100 or 1000 repetitions is too many, is one working posture too few? YES!
Even standing for a long time in optimal posture like a ‘BeefEater’ can cause discomfort and pain.
The muscles that help us with posture are the hardest workers in the body. They turn on and off as we move from position to position. But, if we stay in one position for too long, they can get tired and sore.

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