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Injury Prevention for the Home Office

One of the difficulties when working from home can be the lack of interruptions. In the office, meetings, co-workers and coffee breaks can provide the stimulus to break up the workday. While most of us don’t complain and can get a lot more done at home, the lack of breaks can also add up to

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Working breaks to keep the blood pumping

Don’t Stay Down for the Count In the office, the bulk of our work tasks require us to sit. Sustained static positions put increased pressure on the tissues in our spine. Make getting up and moving around a part of your daily work tasks: Try these: Use the phone while standing at your desk. File

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Office Ergonomic Stretching

Awkward and static postures, long work days with repetitive movements, and the fact that our muscles are working at low but constant levels can lead to discomfort. Have you felt the burn in the shoulders or the ache in the forearm or wrist at some point in your working career? All of the physical (and

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Office Posture Do’s and Don’ts

Awkward posture slowly creeps up on us. If you go on a mission searching for awkward postures like leaning on your elbows, you are probably going to be disappointed if you go first thing in the morning. BUT, if you take a look around your workgroup around the mid-afternoon ‘crash’, you will probably find your

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Ergonomic Basics: Microbreaks

Microbreaks are an important component of workplace health. Muscles become stressed if asked to perform repetitive tasks or hold static positions for too long during the work day. Microbreaks allow a change of position, different muscle use, stimulate blood flow and can help reduce the risk of injury or discomfort. Microbreaks can last a few

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Microbreak Reminders

Microbreak Reminders Give your body a break by changing positions regularly. This means moving in the opposite direction regularly for brief periods of time. If you are having trouble creating some good habits, you can set-up reminders in your calendar program or look for natural cues to remember to take a break (e.g. stand up

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Keyboard History

The first typewriter was mass produced in the 1870’s. The original QWERTY layout minimized frequently used pairs of keys from being positioned side-by-side. When adjacent keys were pressed in close succession, they tended to jam on each other. The QWERTY layout was, in fact, an attempt to increase typing speed. Current keyboards don’t have the

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Activity in the Day – Get Yours

 Take a Break, Get the Blood Pumping In addition to taking microbreaks throughout the day to interrupt sustained postures, make sure you use your breaks to step away from your desk whenever possible. Your body is designed to move. In the 1800’s, 90% of the population received enough physical exercise in the normal working day

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Microbreaks? As in stop working? For even a few seconds? Don’t be a wimp! Back when I started on the job… . Microbreaks are an interesting idea. The aim is to take short but frequent breaks before fatigue builds up to the point where you have to take a break due to fatigue or discomfort.

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Ergonomics is about fitting your job to you so that you don’t get injured. But some jobs require a lot of stress, strain or awkward postures. If you think of it, a lot of sports could be classified as ergonomic nightmares! But in most organized sports, the first thing everyone does is warm-up, then a

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