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Boomers Beware! The “Mighty” Old

While the average age of your workforce is probably over 50, many of the jobs in your company were designed for a younger crew?  When average physical abilities of the work force do not meet the physical demands of the job, injuries happen. The following are the changes that creep up on us as we

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Boomer Beware! Happy Hormones?

The aging process plays a lot of tricks on us. Some are on the outside and others play out on the inside. Hormone and immune function are two that occur internally and can pack a punch by impacting our energy and physiological response to our work environment. Here are some of the common age-related changes

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Boomer Beware! Hard of Hearing

The first sign of maturity is the discovery that the volume knob also turns to the left. ~Jerry M. Wright While each of us aren’t sure what impact car stereos, huge stereo systems and iPods have had on our hearing over the years, one simple constant is that our hearing does decline as we pass

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Boomers Beware! Vanishing Vision

As the workforce ages, vision is one of the most obvious casualties. At first, glasses appear, and then later multi-focal lenses creep in. What other changes should we be aware of in the office as everyone ages? What can we do to reduce the impact of our ever eroding eyesight?

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