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Static Posture – Can Staying Still Hurt Me?

If 100 or 1000 repetitions is too many, is one working posture too few? YES!
Even standing for a long time in optimal posture like a ‘BeefEater’ can cause discomfort and pain.
The muscles that help us with posture are the hardest workers in the body. They turn on and off as we move from position to position. But, if we stay in one position for too long, they can get tired and sore.

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Strong Foundation

Of course, one of the biggest factors that can lead to back pain is simply the amount of time that we spend sitting EVERY day. We sit for in our car during our commute, sit at work, sit on the couch and at our home workstation. Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit. Obviously our body wasn’t

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Back Building Blocks

Do you ever stop and think that nearly every move you make relies on a healthy back? Ask someone who has had a back problem and they probably remember having difficulty doing simple tasks like brushing their teeth or tying their shoes.

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Set Your Chair, Support Your Spine

As when going down a mogul run, in the office our spine should also be neutral, balanced and stable. Our chairs have a major impact on whether we are able to achieve this. Sitting bolt upright is NOT the best position for your back. Ideally you should have your chair back slightly reclined. If you

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Neutral and Balanced Posture

One of the most important cornerstones of back care is ‘neutral’ posture. Neutral posture is when the spine has an inward curve in the low back (lumbar curve), a slight outward curve in the mid back (thoracic curve) and an inward curve in the vertebrae of the neck (cervical curve). This S-shape is the natural

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Building Blocks of Your Back

Our backs are quite simply amazing!! Consider the feats of physical excellence that humans can achieve, most of which are impossible without a healthy back. Since close to 80% of us will suffer back pain in our lives, learning how to work safely and prevent back injury is essential to our health, wellness and livelihoods.

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Awkward Posture

Why is it that we can lift 100 pounds in one position but only 10 pounds in another?
The key is that when our body is poorly positioned, muscles controlling our joints are not at their strongest length.

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Stronger Than Muscle – Working Smart

Have you ever heard of the saying: “Engage your brain before putting mouth in gear”? Putting your brain in gear before starting your work can save you a lot of pain and strain. Ask: Simple solutions like raising your work off the floor, taking a few extra minutes to find a cart, a dolly, or

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High Force – It Does Not Have To Be Heavy To Hurt You

Force is involved every time someone develops an MSI. After all, if nobody moved, nobody would get hurt! BUT – high force doesn’t have to be 100 pounds, it just needs to be more than your working tissues can take in any one position

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Core Stability

Did you know? After your first back injury, you are three times more likely to suffer another back injury?

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