Strong Knee 4: Knee Care at Work

Kneeling_to_install_tile__knee_4__mediumKnees are often one of the last things we think about when we are setting up a job. Commonly, we stress our knees when we rush or push to get the job done.

Jumping down from equipment, kneeling when working at floor level, working in a crouched position for long periods time – all of these are examples of stressful events to the knee that can usually be eliminated with an extra 5 seconds on the job or 5 minutes when prepping your job.

To keep your knees healthy for years to come, try to think of the following tips as you set up your work today:

  1. Look for ways to raise work off of floor level to avoid awkward knee postures
  2. Alternate sides if you must kneel
  3. If you have to work at floor level – use knee pads, kneeling pads or at least a couple of pieces of cardboard
  4. Support yourself on nearby equipment when standing up from squatting or kneeling
  5. Always try to maintain three points of contact when climbing stairs or on/off equipment
  6. Replace your boots (or just the soles) if you notice a lot of wear
  7. If you want to understand the impact of a knee injury, take the time to talk to someone who has suffered. It may be all the motivation you need