Strong Knee 3: Proper Knee Alignment

Kicking_soccer_ball__knee_3__mediumKnee injuries and pain happen when one of the knee structures gets overloaded or if the knee is forced to work when not in good alignment.

Imagine trying to stack building blocks on top of one another when one or more of them are on an angle. If you put a lot of force on top of the blocks, chances are that one or more of them will slip out of position or give way.

Safe alignment for the knee is with the kneecap pointing in the same direction as the toes.

The knee is strongest front to back, so avoid twisting or putting sideways stress on your knee as much as possible. It’s easy to ignore our knees in an effort to get the job done quickly, but an extra few seconds to set your foot down safely can be the difference between comfort and injury.

Muscle imbalances in the hamstrings muscles behind the knee or quadriceps muscles in the front of the thigh can result in the knee cap being pulled out of position. So as always, strength and flexibility are critical to healthy knees.