Static Posture – Can Staying Still Hurt Me?


  • If 100 or 1000 repetitions is too many, is one working posture too few? YES!
  • Even standing for a long time in optimal posture like a ‘BeefEater’ can cause discomfort and pain.
  • The muscles that help us with posture are the hardest workers in the body. They turn on and off as we move from position to position. But, if we stay in one position for too long, they can get tired and sore.
  • Other parts of our back can also become weaker when we stay one position for long periods.
  • If you find that yourself working in one posture for long periods of time, get creative to find ways to change your posture, even for a short period. Standing versus sitting, using something to sit on versus kneeling, widening your stance or finding something to lean on temporarily can give you a leg up on this ergonomic enemy.