Right Tools for the Job

laptop-300x263_mediumMake sure that you have the right tools to do your job safely, and make sure your tools are adjusted correctly. Without the right tools (chair, desk, input devices), it can be very difficult to put yourself in a position to work without adding unnecessary stress to the body. Based on what you know, take a second and score yourself using the scale at the bottom of the page. Take a look around. What is stopping you from working in a ‘neutral’ or relaxed working posture?

  • Is it your laptop pulling you in until your nose touches the 9 point font?
  • Is it your monitor positioned too far away? Too high? Too low? To the side?
  • Is it your mouse trying to escape across the desk because it doesn’t fit on your keyboard tray?
  • Is it your chair? Or is it the fact that you haven’t changed a setting on the chair since you moved in?
  • Is it your documents sitting on your desk pulling you so that you sit like a pretzel for part of your day?

Some solutions are simple (e.g. monitor height, position) and others are more difficult (e.g. desks, keyboard trays).