Primary Risk Factors

awkward-saw-position1-300x300_mediumResearch has identified specific risk factors that correspond to an increased likelihood of developing pain or injuries at work. The three most common risk factors should be minimized whenever possible:

Risk Factor 1: Force and Working Distance

  • Loads are magnified when held away from our bodies.
  • The weight of our body is a significant load when leaning forward.

Risk Factor 2: Awkward Postures

  • Working in awkward postures can lead to muscle imbalances and joint damage.
  • Do you feel balanced when you work or do you feel the overloaded in one body part?
  • Simple tactics like positioning your work between waist and shoulder level can pay immediate dividends.

Risk Factor 3: Static Postures

  • Contracting a muscle for more than 20 seconds without rest reduces blood flow, accelerates fatigue and can cause discomfort.
  • Do you ‘push through’ to get the job done or do you pace yourself?

The Worst Case. All of the above.

  • When there is more than one risk factor, the likelihood of an injury dramatically increases.

As a start – scan your workplace for tasks that involve a lot of force and awkward postures. Chances are you will find pain or injuries nearby.