Office Safari (Part 3)

graph1-300x156_mediumOffico Spinus Reclinusmaximus

Distinct behaviours:

This squiggly species is singled out for their ability to significantly change shapes throughout the work day. These creatures are known to appear erect in the early morning, only to slowly contort into slinky, slouchy postures by the middle of the afternoon.


Many of these creatures spend their full workdays in their personalized ‘cubicle’ habitat. Some also exhibit ‘nesting’ behaviour, staying seated for long periods after the majority of others have left the great indoors.
Also known to like focusing closely on their keyboard when hunting and pecking for keys.

Known weaknesses:

Known to experience significant pain in the low back and other points along their spine. Secondary pain found in the shoulders from over-reaching to the mouse and keyboard
Also known to suffer from headaches and occasional symptoms in the arms.

How to ease their pain:

Gently push their chairs in close to their workstation to help hold them upright. Use any means possible to coax these creatures out into the open every few hours (more often is better).