Office Safari (Part 1)

safari-300x197_mediumShhhh! Quiet. If you slowly look around the office, you will see many different species of office dwellers.

We will go on the hunt for some of the most common, but nastiest of office dwellers. While their poses and postures may seem alluring, their painful bite has been well documented.
Come with us as we explore on our office safari!

Stay low…avoid provoking the office animals

On our safari, we will observe (no poking or touching), and explain some of the daily habits of these strange inhabitants of officeland.

Offico Craniaumus Vulturiens

While this species appears quiet and sedate, it has a fierce bite. This species loves to feed on small fonts, huge spreadsheets and office workers that slouch when on the computer. BEWARE!

Offico Spinus Reclinusmaximus

This species is well known to sit upright early in the day. But as the day progresses, you will notice them slowly slinking down onto their perch.
If disturbed, they will commonly wail something like ‘budeyamcomfy’.

Offico Shoulderamus Reachalotus

These creatures are fascinating.

Their most distinguishing characteristics are their long, lean tentacles that spend the majority of the day chasing ‘mice’ or other objects within their ‘territory’.