Office Lighting

lamp_mediumBeing able to see your work without straining is a necessity. While this seems apparent, are you viewing this on your 12” laptop screen? Do you work in a dark corner of your house or in a well lit room with a vista?

As you may have noticed, as the years tick by, we need more light to see what we’re working on. Did you know that the visual performance of a 20 year old is 8 X that of an average 60 year old? Or that someone in their 60’s requires 3.5 X more contrast than someone in their 20’s?

Since our homes aren’t usually lit up like the typical fluorescent office tower, shedding a little light on the situation is a priority. Three essential tools in the fight against eye strain are:

  • task lighting
  • a document holder
  • a monitor that allows you to work in a relaxed position (versus straining forward to see)

Task Lighting

Task lighting is quite simple and doesn’t have to be expensive. The key is that you have enough light on your documents (not on your monitor) to create contrast so that you can see them without squinting.

Document holders

Simple book holders (~$20 e.g. Fellowes Booklift copyholder) are available at any office supply store and can position your documents at an angle up off of the desk. This simple function allows you to sit back in your chair and be supported rather than forcing you to lean forward to read the document flat on your desk. If you have a bit more to spend, consider the Vision Vu document holder (


The last (but not least) essential tool to help reduce eye strain is a monitor that allows you to see the information on the screen easily without the need to scroll four pages over when you’re working in Excel. Did you know that a going from a 14” laptop screen to a 17” LCD increases your screen workspace (in2) by almost 50%? It’s a nice win-win. Increase your comfort and productivity at the same time.