Office Ergonomic Stretching

Awkward and static postures, long work days with repetitive movements, and the fact that our muscles are working at low but constant levels can lead to discomfort.

Have you felt the burn in the shoulders or the ache in the forearm or wrist at some point in your working career?

All of the physical (and other) stress in our life can creep in to a point where pain and discomfort creep in.

When we look at the build up of stress on the body from using our workstations, it’s little wonder that discomfort or injury could be the result. There are a few simple stretches that can go a long way to giving your tired muscles time to recover and to help release the tension.

As always, stretching and exercises should NOT be painful. This free resource provides stretches meant to encourage bloodflow, tissue flexibility, decrease tension, and primarily – just to get you away from the desk and out of that uncomfortable static posture for a few seconds!

Finally, remembering that we need to find a sustainable work/rest balance for our muscles is very important.