Office Desk Set Up

shoulderphone-200x300_mediumDo your shoulders ache at the end of the day? Are headaches just a ‘part of the job’? Do you notice that symptoms miraculously disappear when you’re on vacation?
Sometimes your workstation set-up may be part of the problem. Take a closer look to see if your office tools are positioned for success or failure. Isn’t it time your symptoms went on vacation?

Think close. Think comfort.

A comfortable workstation is always within an easy reach.

Check to make sure all of your frequently used items and tools are within reach.

Crouching paper tiger, hidden dragon.
Watch out for the bite.

The position of paperwork and reference documents can affect your neck and back postures

Is your phone glued to your ear and shoulder?

Your phone handling habits say a lot about the stress on your neck and shoulder. If your neck or shoulder is ‘talking’ to you – listen and act.

Wanted: Single level dwelling for keyboard and mouse.

A common problem is having the mouse and keyboard at different heights and reaches. Keep them close and your body will thank you.