Neutral and Balanced Posture

golfsfull-103x300_mediumOne of the most important cornerstones of back care is ‘neutral’ posture. Neutral posture is when the spine has an inward curve in the low back (lumbar curve), a slight outward curve in the mid back (thoracic curve) and an inward curve in the vertebrae of the neck (cervical curve).

This S-shape is the natural curve of the spine and is the position in which the back is the strongest (16X stronger than when slouched in a C-shape) and the one where we are least likely to injure ourselves.

Look for this ‘power position’ in the way athletes use their backs. Watch elite golfers generate power from their S-curve while you hack away with a hunched over ‘C’ shaped back. ‘S’ for Strong and ‘S’ for safe!
Whether you are at work or play, the aim should be to keep the spine stable and in ‘neutral’.

Remember when we talk about spine shape: S – STRONG! C – Crumbling!

Don’t just take it from us. Join a yoga, Pilates, or ski clinic and your instructors will reinforce that this is the posture where we are the strongest, most efficient and most stable.