Mouse Use – Rid Yourself of Pests

combined-156x300_mediumLook for these small critters hiding out near your mouse. Just start using your mouse and watch them come out of the woodwork, threatening your mouse and your hand’s health. We’ll give you tips on how to eradicate these pests.

1.Handus Hoveramus

Known for having fingers suspended over the buttons only pouncing to click and creating static tension in the hand and forearm muscles. Can also infect keyboards.

Eradication Tips:

Rest your fingers on the buttons (if you rest them lightly the buttons shouldn’t click)
Slide your hand forward on the mouse slightly – it doesn’t have to be your fingertip on the button
Consider a different type of input device e.g. trackballs which give your fingers a place to rest without clicking

2.Mouse Stranglers and Mousus Liftalot

These predators also lead to significant tension in the hand and particularly the thumb. Often associated with intense work styles and / or a feeling of “running out of mouse space”.

Eradication Tips:

Adjust your mouse speed settings – a more sensitive mouse needs less space.