Monitor Do’s and Don’ts

screen-200x300_mediumAs you go out on your next ergo reconnaissance mission, be on the look-out for monitors that are trying to escape or evade being seen.

Some monitors tend to migrate and make a run for the edge of the desk, while others climb on top of piles of paper, books, or monitor risers until they touch overhead storage areas.

The golden rules for monitor position are:

Monitors shouldn’t be positioned so that you have to move or rotate your neck in order to see the content on the screen.
This means your monitor should be inline with your keyboard and;
The top of the screen should be the same height as your eyes (exception: multi-focal lens wearers should position the monitor low enough so that they satisfy the first rule).
As you wander your office, be on the lookout for these mischievous monitors. If you see a monitor that has fallen out of line with the keyboard, consider encouraging the owner to rein it back in.