microbreaks1-300x300_mediumMicrobreaks? As in stop working? For even a few seconds? Don’t be a wimp! Back when I started on the job… .

Microbreaks are an interesting idea. The aim is to take short but frequent breaks before fatigue builds up to the point where you have to take a break due to fatigue or discomfort. Even breaks as short as 10 seconds can be beneficial and allow your muscles time to recover.

If you have ever worked out a gym, you understand the need to take short breaks in between your sets. Microbreaks are the ‘release valves’ that will protect your body.

One of the common things you see in workplaces is congratulations when someone pushes through a break, lunch, or extra hours to finish a difficult task.

If you truly value safety, respecting your own physical limits and allowing time for our body to recover while you are on the job is another one of the cornerstones of MSI prevention.