Laptops and Ergonomics

confused_mediumIf you look at anyone in your office at a laptop workstation, which of the following should you see?

  • Hips positioned comfortably to the back of the chair
  • Low, middle and upper back supported by the chair back
  • When looking at their back, an imaginary line from their ear to their hips should show a slight recline
  • Upper arms hanging vertically, with elbows relaxed comfortably at the side of the body
  • Head positioned directly over the keyboard so that he/she can see the three point font spreadsheet on their 15” screen

While laptops are fantastic productivity enhancers, this benefit sometimes comes at the expense of worker comfort.

The good news is that some simple, inexpensive changes can enhance both comfort and productivity. The number one thing to do is to find a way to allow you to use a keyboard separate from your screen. Docking stations or external keyboard and mice will help you to minimize the impact of using a laptop in the office.