Laptop Ideas

sitting-300x200_mediumIsn’t technology awesome! With wireless networks, longer lasting laptop batteries, Google, 24/7 shopping, online chatting and role playing games, we can spend more and more time on our computers…Yahoo!!!!
Or maybe that should be Yeouch?

Do you ever get ‘in’ to something online at home and then all of a sudden you look up and it’s a couple of hours later?

Whether it’s melting into the couch, stretching out on the floor or using your laptop at the kitchen table, the equation is simple:

Lots of time + awkward postures = discomfort (or worse).

The most important things to remember when you are working at home are to try and keep your back supported in good posture and to avoid staying in one position for long periods of time.

Another easy fix is adding an external keyboard and mouse allows you to raise your laptop so the top of your screen is closer to eye level and to bring your input devices as close to elbow height as possible.