Kids Ergo – Equipment and Set up Tips

kidchair-225x300_mediumPint-sized Ergonomics

Let’s keep this simple: Adult furniture does not fit kids. Poorly set-up work and play environments can lead to MSI or discomfort in adults or children. On the whole, adults and children continue to spend more and more time in front of computers and video game stations. We want and need to ensure that our kids play safe.

Here are some simple tips to help:

  • When setting up your child’s computer, buy children’s furniture OR furniture that has adjustable legs (example – IKEA table top and adjustable legs) . Click HERE for more info.
  • Make sure the keyboard and mouse are on the same surface and at your child’s elbow height.
  • Consider purchasing keyboards or trackballs that are kid-sized.
  • Purchase a height adjustable monitor and lower the monitor as much as possible.
  • Provide a chair that can adjust in height so that it will continue to fit them as they grow.

What can you do in the short term?

  • Provide flat cushions for your kids to sit on so that their elbows are at the same height as the table.
  • Put pillows behind your kids back to push them forward and to support their back.
  • Provide your kids with a footrest (e.g. phone books, a box) so that they can sit with their back and feet supported.