Keyboard and workspace set up tips

keyboard_mediumThe golden rule for any workstation is to ‘Fit your workstation to you’. First get yourself comfortable in your chair, (hips and back supported, elbows at 90 degrees at your side), and then bring the work to you.

  • your computer, documents and other office tools should slide forward and be positioned to fit you so that you can work in this comfortable position
  • bring your keyboard toward you to touch your fingertips
  • bring your monitor close enough and high enough that you don’t need to move your head or neck to view your work


If you are working off of a laptop at home, the number one item on your wish list should be an external keyboard and mouse. If you don’t have these, your body is in a catch-22. Either your head must look down at the screen or your shoulders hunch up to reach the keyboard.

An external keyboard and mouse will allow you to raise your monitor and keep your input devices close.

  • For shorter individuals, keyboard trays are an essential piece to the puzzle. Simple, sliding keyboard trays can position your keyboard and mouse 3” lower, allowing a significantly more relaxed posture than working with the keyboard on the desk.
  • For taller people, finding ways to lift/raise your desk or monitor can be the simple fix to help you find a perfect fit.