Injury Prevention for the Home Office

stretch-300x116_mediumOne of the difficulties when working from home can be the lack of interruptions. In the office, meetings, co-workers and coffee breaks can provide the stimulus to break up the workday. While most of us don’t complain and can get a lot more done at home, the lack of breaks can also add up to discomfort.

As you take a look at your physical workstation this season, consider giving your body a gift by making a commitment to some of the following work habits. These are some simple gifts that keep on giving:

  • Break up your workday by standing or walking around when you’re on the phone
  • Break up your workday by going for a short, brisk walk outside, even for 10 minutes.
  • Never work for more than an hour without getting up from your chair. Rather, try to get in the habit of standing or taking a stretch break at least every 30 minutes and giving your muscles a break (even 30 seconds worth), every 10 minutes
  • Load up some free microbreak software on your computer (e.g. to get you in the habit.
  • Consider resolving that you will end the year in less discomfort than you start it with.