Home Office – What to look for in a chair and desk

santachair_mediumHow is your $99/hand me down steno chair working out for you? And that office desk that was an ‘unbelievable deal’? Are the words ‘you get what you pay for’ still ringing in your ears?

Your home office furniture doesn’t need to be expensive, it just needs to fit you and feel comfortable.

The two largest purchases you will make for your home office will be your desk and your chair.

As you are putting your wish list together, here are a few of the chair features to consider understand:

  • Height adjustability
  • A seat that lets you slide your hips to the back of the seat without the front of the seat touching the back of your knees
  • Height adjustable backrest with a contour that supports your low back
  • Easy adjustments for tilting the backrest and the seat
  • Easy adjustments allowing you to change positions throughout the day (e.g. a rocking mode – not locked)

If you are purchasing a desk, consider the following questions:

  • Do you need space for a computer and a place to read and write on your desk?
  • When you sit in your chair, is your desk top significantly higher than the bottom of your elbow? If so, make sure that you have a way to put your keyboard and mouse at a lower height (height adjustable desk or a keyboard and mouse tray)
  • Don’t forget the kids! If you’re not the only one using the home office, more adjustable furniture will allow everyone to be comfortable.