Hip Mobility


  • When you think of your back, think of it as if you were building a house.
  • Your hips and pelvis are the foundation, your spine is the frame, and your muscles and ligaments are the internal and external supports (drywall, plywood). Without all of these pieces, the house may not hold up under harsh conditions.
  • Similarly, if your hips don’t move freely, your foundation (hips) will tilt or tip when working at low levels. With your foundation unstable, your back is likely to be in a bad position to weather the tasks and conditions that you place on it during your workday.
  • Hip flexibility and core stability work together to keep your foundation and frame in stable and balanced. If your hips are mobile, it’s a lot easier to get lower (see the top row of pictures) with the back in good position. However, if either is missing, the other will compensate and can lead to poor back posture and eventually pain or strains (bottom left picture).
  • If you want to have a healthy back, your number one aim should be to make sure that you can keep a neutral posture of the spine in everything that you do.
  • Understanding what you can do today to keep your core stable and your hips mobile will help ensure you are living in a fortress rather than a shack.