High Mileage Drivers: Bad habits

cell_phone_mediumThere is a classic Seinfeld episode where George gets picked on for carrying his ‘Costanza’ wallet. He carried so many receipts around in his thick, massive wallet, that at one point his back leaned to one side when he sat down. He even resorted to stacking napkins beneath his other pocket to level himself.

Not surprisingly, he ended up with a sore back…

What do you do with your wallet when you drive? A simple rule is that you should never drive with a wallet (or anything else) in your back pocket.

Of course there are many other habits that we pick up as we try and multi-task. Here are a few others that you may or may not be aware of:

  • On long drives, do you use cruise control to allow you to change postures and relax muscles?
  • On drives of greater than an hour, do you regularly take short breaks?
  • Are you a ‘road rager’ or an aggressive driver or do you manage your speed, distance and maintain a constant awareness of hose around you?
  • When you are driving, do you drive dead tired, use your cell phone or drive drunk (did you know that all three of these can have the same impact on your driving ability)?
  • If you are working on your laptop in your vehicle, do you sit in a twisted posture?