Head Position Matters

stress-300x200_mediumHow is your ‘paperless’ office working for you?

If you’re like most office dwellers, it may seem that the volume of paper has actually increased. If you frequently transcribe, edit or refer to documents while working on your computer, it’s important to be aware of your head and neck posture.

Did you know the human head weighs approximately 5 kg (11 lbs)?

It’s funny. We wouldn’t go to a gym and hold a 10 pound weight out in front of us for 4 hours a day so why do we do it at work and act surprised when our neck gets sore? Working with the neck twisted and the head leaning forward (such as when referencing documents lying flat on the desk) can result in soreness in the muscles that support the weight of the head. Ideal solutions put your documents inline with your monitor and tilted toward you. (i.e. book holder, inline document holder). Doing this helps us to sit in our chair without needing to lean forward or working with our neck bent.