Hand and Wrist – The right grip

hand_tool_grip_types_mediumWhat can I do around my workplace?

Since repeated awkward wrist postures can lead to injury, many designers have modified tools to help keep the wrist in neutral. Remember, it’s always better to bend the tool than to work with your wrist in an awkward posture.

The solutions:

The first step is recognizing that your work forces you to work with awkward wrist postures.

The second step is to try to figure out what is causing your wrist to be bent:

  • Is it the height or orientation of your workstation?
  • Can you raise or lower your workstation to improve your wrist posture?
  • Can you use a vice, jig, or a stand to hold work and reduce hand strain?
  • Is it the tool design?
  • Use pistol grip tools for vertical surfaces, inline tools for horizontal surfaces.
  • Look for alternative tools that promote neutral wrist posture and to reduce stress on the wrist and hand.
  • Is it the design of the machine/equipment that you are working on?
  • If you can’t change this, modify HOW you work and manage fatigue.
  • Learn appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises to help keep your wrists and hands healthy.