Forklift Ergonomics 4: Good Habits are Hard to Brake

It is important to fit your forklift to your body size and shape, and to understand how the human body operates and understand its limitations.

The human body was not designed to sit on a vibrating seat for hours each day. Forklifts break down frequently and they ARE designed to do this.

Here are some good habits to protect our bodies:

Stretch breaks – implement 30 second stretches intermittently throughout your workday. Hand stretches, shoulder stretches, neck stretches…you name it, your body will thank you later!

Short breaks after lifting – the human spine does not tolerate sitting bent forward for a long time followed by heavy lifting. Give your back a few minutes rest between getting off your vehicle and lifting something heavy.

Microbreaks – These short (10-15 s) breaks give your muscles time to recover and reclaim oxygen. Simply take your feet off of the pedals, or your hands off of the steering wheel as oyu wait for something.