Ergonomics and your Car

car_mediumFirst, offices with walls became extinct.

Then the office cubicles started to get smaller…and smaller.

And then they finally kicked you out of the office and suggested that you ‘telecommute’.

Well – look on the bright side – you finally have a corner office with a window! As you are admiring the view – check to make sure that you have enough tools so that working in your car isn’t a pain.

The good news is that the rules for setting up your car are similar to those for your office workspace. Consider if your car is truly a good fit for all of the tasks and equipment that you need. While smaller cars can be good on gas, they can wreak havoc on your body if you have to work in them on a day to day basis.
Look online for tools to hold your laptop, phone etc. (search for mobile desks or mobile office).

There are some simple solutions on the market that attach directly to your steering wheel. If you’ll be working in the car for a period of time, switch to the passenger seat to avoid twisting. There are also Consider tools that will allow you to bring your office tools close to you (writing surface etc.) (e.g.

Try to fit your other devices up around you to keep yourself in neutral. Set-up your seat to keep your hips and back aligned, with your laptop in front of you. Consider using a filebox container with essential stationary, and resources that you can keep in your trunk.

In the end, we all know that your car isn’t the best office so it’s always important to listen to your body.
Taking breaks is important whether you’re driving, working in your office, or working in your mobile office.