Early Intervention

self-care1-300x200_mediumWhy is it that when a warning light comes on in our car or truck, we immediately pick up the phone and call our mechanic? Are you maintaining your car better than you are maintaining your body?

Musculoskeletal symptoms are our body’s warning lights. Discomfort, pain, numbness, tingling, a reduction in the ability to move, or swelling are a few of the most common indicators that tell us that we should change our direction.

One of the main reasons that MSIs are important to understand is that these types of injuries can slowly or quickly escalate from minor discomfort to serious symptoms that impact all aspects of your life. In as little as 6 weeks, MSI symptoms can progress from signs or symptoms to structural changes in your soft tissue.

That’s why putting your hand up early and getting help on (supervisor, safety) or off the job (family physician, physical therapist), will help ensure that your symptoms are temporary and that you can keep your body on the road.