Earliest Intervention

keyboard-200x300_mediumIn business, we do performance reviews, business reviews, and project reviews. They help us identify strengths and weaknesses and help us understand where we need to go in order to get better. One of the key features that make up the foundation of a healthy and ergonomic workplace is managing discomfort EARLY – before symptoms become constant.

Take a second and score yourself on the scale at the bottom of the page. Use your score to identify what you need to do to achieve your healthy ergonomic vision for the future.

  • If you have symptoms, what do you need to do about them?
  • Do you want to end this year in less pain than you are in now?
  • If your work tasks are aggravating your symptoms, do you know what to do and who to contact? Within your company, start with your supervisor, HR, or a safety representative.
  • If you have had symptoms for a while, have you discussed it with your health care professionals?
  • Have you ever put your hand up to see what resources your company will provide to help you?
  • If you don’t know why you have symptoms or what to do about them, where do you think you will end up on the scale below at the end of this year? What’s your plan to do better?