Core Stability


  • Did you know? After your first back injury, you are three times more likely to suffer another back injury?
  • But Why? At the root of most back injuries are poor postural and movement habits.
  • Hip mobility and core stability are two key principles that work to keep the back healthy.
  • A neutral spine, supported on all sides by healthy, strong muscles, is what constitutes ‘core stability’. The back is 16 times stronger in a neutral S-shaped position than when out of this proper alignment.
  • When you watch athletes perform a sport, watch their torso. The elite athletes are able to maintain good body and spine position (spine is in neutral position) no matter what their competitors or terrain throw at them (see photo).
  • Balancing balls, wobble boards and many other training tools have recently become popular. They are all aimed at helping people strengthen their core, in order to help them perform at a higher level, more efficiently and safely.
  • Whether it’s at work or play, being able to maintain a neutral back posture with good stability is an essential step to maintaining a healthy back.