Building Blocks of Your Back

pisa-135x300_mediumOur backs are quite simply amazing!! Consider the feats of physical excellence that humans can achieve, most of which are impossible without a healthy back.

Since close to 80% of us will suffer back pain in our lives, learning how to work safely and prevent back injury is essential to our health, wellness and livelihoods.

Our spines are made up of a few important building blocks.

Our spine is created out of bones called vertebrae which help support our body weight and are designed specifically to protect our nerves and spinal cord. Since the bones at the bottom support more weight, they are bigger.

Discs are positioned in between each vertebrae and act as flexible shock absorbers and spacers which allow room between the bones for the nerves to exit the spinal cord.

Ligaments hold the bones together and protect us when we try to move too far.

A complicated network of muscles both stabilizes the back as well as allowing us to move into a myriad of different positions.

Back injury and pain commonly occur when one of these 4 systems is continually overstressed. Whether it’s a disc, a ligament or a muscle, the problem can usually be tracked back to the way we use or misuse our body on a daily basis.

On a scale of 1-10, is your spine built on a rock solid foundation or is it soon to be a leaning tower?