Boomers Beware! Vanishing Vision

eye_mediumAs the workforce ages, vision is one of the most obvious casualties. At first, glasses appear, and then later multi-focal lenses creep in.

What other changes should we be aware of in the office as everyone ages?

  • Reduced light transmission (In good light, the eye of a 20 year old receives six times more light than that of an 80 year old. In dark conditions, the 20 year old eye receives about 16 times more light!)
  • Decreased ability to read fine print
  • Altered depth perception and peripheral vision
  • Increased sensitivity to glare (wearing contacts or glasses also increases glare sensitivity)o Decreased adaptation to the darko Reduction in ability of eyes to tear, creating increased dryness

What can we do to reduce the impact of our ever eroding eyesight?

  • Use brighter task specific lighting
  • Reduce/eliminate glare with indirect lighting
  • Encourage workers to have their eyes checked regularly and ensure that their eye prescription is up to date.
  • Increase font size and icon size on your monitor and use your mouse (Ctrl and scroll wheel OR other customizable controls) to zoom in or out when working on documents with small fonts.
  • Try to use documents that are well laid-out and use a good sized font.