Back Injury Risk Factors

back-injury-risk-300x259_mediumBack injuries can come from many different causes. While causes can range from your fitness level to stress, there are some factors you can look for every time you start a task.

  • DISTANCE * – The farther away an object is from our body, the greater the pressure on our back. The combination of the weight of the object plus the hidden weight of our body (arms and torso) can add up to a problem for our back (* Number 1 Risk Factor).
    Your goal: Keep the load as close to your body as possible.
  • HEIGHT – When lifting an object from ground level, most of us have trouble keeping good back posture. Lifting a heavy object with a flat or slouched back decreases low back stability.
  • TWISTING – Due to the structure of the discs (shock absorbers), twisting makes them weaker.
    Your goal: Move your feet when lifting and carrying rather than twisting. Check the layout of your work area to eliminate or minimize twisting.
  • HIGH REPETITION and lifting are a bad combination. Fatigued muscles can lead to bad posture and poor technique.
    Your goal: Warm-up prior to starting, work at a sustainable pace and take frequent breaks.