Awkward Posture


  • Why is it that we can lift 100 pounds in one position but only 10 pounds in another?
  • The key is that when our body is poorly positioned, muscles controlling our joints are not at their strongest length.
  • Short or long muscles are weaker and have to work much harder than when using our muscles in good posture.
  • Working harder (more force) means that your muscles are closer to their maximum and more likely to get strained.
  • Try holding your hands over your head like the guy in the picture for two minutes. Your upper back muscles (in a shortened position) will quickly remind you to always look for ways to bring work into our comfort zone (between knees and chest).
  • If your job requires that you work in awkward postures, look for ways to raise or lower your work in order to make it easier.
  • If you can’t, find ways to take short, frequent breaks.