Ankle Ergo 2: Ankle Injury Risk Factors

Man_on_train_steps__knee_2__mediumSome of the most common ankle injury risk factors and injury mechanisms include:

  • Slips or trips – commonly when people are unaware of the hazards around them (e.g. ice under snow, slippery substance on floor)
  • Falls – commonly occur when people are stepping up or down from one level to another
  • Jobs where people are required to be on their feet for their entire work day
  • Tasks where people are required to kick or exert force with their feet
  • Jumping down from one level to another (e.g. jumping off of stationary or moving equipment)
  • Worker weight (if you can’t see your feet, how do you know what they are doing?)

As we age, many of us have more problems with vision and balance. These factors can also contribute to situations where a slip, trip or fall can occur at work. Of course, we can compensate for the physical aging by becoming wiser!

Being aware of our surroundings and focusing on the basics (maintaining a clean work environment, eliminating trip hazards, using three point contact when stepping up/down, and taking microbreaks when possible) can help keep our feet and ankles safe.